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26 October 2023 - 27 October 2023
Meet in Italy for Life Sciences Brokerage Event 2023 - MIT4LS BE 2023

Meet in Italy for Life Sciences

Brokerage Event 2023 - MIT4LS BE 2023

26 - 27 October 2023

Virtual partnering event

Are you interested in business, partnering and networking opportunities in the life sciences?


Join the international stage at MIT4LS BE 2023

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 Meet in Italy for Life Sciences - MIT4LS - is the leading international matchmaking and update event on Life Sciences in Italy.

Italy is one of the most active and dynamic european country in the Life Sciences sector, in terms of scientific production, industrial competitiveness, specialization, investment in Research & Development and scientific excellences, with more than 5.500 companies and 150 research centers operating in the field, besides a top level national healthcare system, 252€ Bn gross production value, 6€ Bn of R&D investments and 1.8 Mln employees across all the healthcare sector, that accounts for 10.6% Italian GDP.

Since 2014, Meet in Italy for Life Sciences has achieved the main stage and it has been the main international event in Italy where all the Life Sciences stakeholders (companies, startups, research centers, investors, clinicians, public organizations) can meet, explore and discuss about partnering, investments, business opportunities and the latest trends in the sector.

MIT4LS Brokerage Event - MIT4LS BE represents the beating heart of MIT4LS, fostering partnering among all the relevant stakeholders in pharma, medtech, digital health, nutraceutics, healthcare at international level.

In eight editions, more than 2.800 organisations (760 startups) from 35 different countries (35% non-Italian for each edition on average) attended the MIT4LS BEs, realizing more than 10.000 face-to-face meetings (45% transnational) and enjoying also the several thematic workshops, exhibitors, conferences.

MIT4LS BE 2023 - an event with only benefits:

  • unique opportunity to get known and find partners for business development, licensing agreements, joint ventures, research collaboration, European projects, investments;
  • free showcase for your organization; your profile can be created in 10 minutes and updated at any given time, staying online for 1 year;
  • capillary and very efficient organisation, feedbacks from participants always over 90% satisfaction;
  • opportunity to establish contact with participants and to take advantage of partnering opportunities also after the event.

Who will you meet

Participants cover all the value chain of life sciences, from research to business & development, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, regulatory issues, professional and consulting services, investment.

It is all there! And it is for free!

See the How to join and How to meet section for details and updates.

In 2023, MIT4LS is an initiative powered by ALISEI, Italian National Technological Cluster for Life Sciences, grouping together all the main organisations working for the promotion and growth of the life sciences sector in Italy, in collaboration and with the support of the Enterprise Europe Network - EEN.

See all the relevant information about other

MIT4LS initiatives at http://meetinitalylifesciences.eu.

Closed since 19 October 2023
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Participants 327
Meetings 523
Italy 238
Hungary 16
Switzerland 13
France 12
Portugal 11
Germany 9
Spain 8
Austria 7
United Kingdom 6
Netherlands 5
Romania 4
Belgium 3
United States 3
Japan 2
Ireland 2
Israel 2
Poland 2
China 2
Bulgaria 1
Slovenia 1
Canada 1
Finland 1
Lithuania 1
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Total 351
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Start-up (founded in 2018 or after) 58
Consultant 29
University 25
R&D Institution 22
Associations, Government institutions 16
Healthcare facility/hospital 15
Other 11
Cluster/Technology or Science Park 10
Investor 6
Total 351
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Before event 15518
After event 438
Total 15956